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A Complete Cow

Making Ends Meat

A Complete Cow is a small farming operation based in the Wairarapa, where everything we do is small, slow and considered.

It all began 10 years ago with a clear, idealistic idea about how we wanted to grow meat for consumption; Slow and respectful and valuing every part of the animal, with the smallest environmental footprint possible. Since then we’ve been ruminating on the idea and now have our meat available for sale through our CSA subscription boxes.

Our meat boxes are based around CSA principles.


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is about taking responsibility for how our food is produced and how it gets to the table. It is a direct relationship between a farmer and the people who eat the food the farmer produces.

CSA farms are directly accountable to their consumer members; they strive to provide fresh, high-quality food and typically use natural farming and regenerative methods.

CSA is a shared commitment to building a more local and equitable agricultural system, one that allows farmers to focus on good farming practices and still maintain productive and profitable farms.

Our Products

 Our monthly meat packs come in 4 manageable sizes so you are bound to find one that suits you.

Each pack contains 5 meals for the month, 4 for the household and one to share with guests. Each month you will receive a variety of cuts different from the last so by the end of the year you would have eaten a whole cow
(well almost!)

As we grow we are developing other products from different parts of the animal and we are excited to now have our beautiful tallow soap for sale.



Steak, Joints, Mince, Sausages & Other Cuts

 Depending on the cattle-beast and the cuts chosen by the butcher to be most appropriate, you will receive a selection of cuts & sizes. Each box will usually also contain premium mince and yummy sausages; real crowd pleasing food!

Handmade Beef tallow soap

Our soaps our hand made in small batches using the tallow from our lovely cows. We have three scents to choose from:

Got Wood; Cedarwood, Rosemary, Lavender and Patchouli
a Complete Lemon; Lemongrass, Eucalyptus and Bergamot
Rampant Rose Rose; Geranium, Patchouli, Lavender and Ylang Ylang

Better Meat

We produce quality meat from happy cattle grown slowly and for longer on our spray free farm using regenerative practices. We believe you will taste the difference.

The End Product

Become a subscriber a receive a monthly meat box delivered directly to you (Wairarapa/Wellington only).

Sizes & Prices

Single person 1.5kg = $52/month*
Singles have the choice of 4 small meals plus a sharer or a couple of bigger ones to share with guests.

Couples Share 3kg  =  $100/month*

Family Share 4kg  =  $135/month*

Large Family Share 5kg  =  $165/month*

Approx. $8 a meaty meal per adult and $4 per child
(* plus delivery. You are welcome to pick up your box from the farm or delivery prices are:
Carterton, Masterton, Greytown, Featherston &Martinborough $5, Wellington $9.50)

So if you want to eat less meat but value it more we would love to welcome you to the herd, become a subscriber a receive a monthly meat box delivered directly to you (Wairarapa/Wellington only)

Subscriptions for our meatboxes are currently full. If you would like to go on our waiting list or have any other questions please email us:

Farmers Market and on Farm Sales

Carterton Farmers' Market

You can find us monthly at the Carterton farmers market selling a selection of sausages, mince, bones, soap and trimmed beef fat for you to render. 

You are also welcome to flick us an email to see what we have available and come and purchase at the farm (or if you are in Carterton I can drop off on school run!)

Follow Carterton Farmers’ Market for dates & events

Customer Feedback

I love getting creative with the meat from A Complete Cow. This has to be the best fillet steak in Wairarapa. And the super lean mince is so great as burgers, meatballs and kebabs!

Dan, Customer, Wairarapa

You can literally taste the love and care you put into your animals!

Shanelle, Subscriber, Carterton

“We had your fillet steaks last night but needed 2 more for our guests and grabbed them from the supermarket? Hands down there was no comparison, yours were superb”

Bec, subscriber, Martinborough

Your meat is delicious and my husband said it was the best osso buco he ever tasted (and we had quite a bit).

Clem, Subscriber, Wellington

This is a great source of more environmentally and animal-welfare friendly meat. And so nice to be able to go direct to a farmer rather than go to the supermarket! The delivery scheme is really convenient, if I’m not in I just leave a chilly bin just outside my house. The meat is very good quality and you get a range of different cuts each month, and can also request some extra things eg sausages.

Anne, Subscriber, Wellington

The boxes are fantastic. The quality of the meat is as good as high-end restaurants. The variety each month has taught us a lot about how delicious all the different cuts of beef can be.

Rachel, Subscriber, Greytown

As a chef it’s nice to get a cut of meat where the animal has done some work – it creates beautiful marbling and flavour within the meat. Impressed with the generous portions and quality of the product. I would definitely use this in a professional kitchen if the opportunity came up!

Jared, Subscriber, Featherston

We are really enjoying the meat, it’s heaps tastier than the supermarket stuff. We’re actually quite surprised how much nicer it is.

Blair, subscriber, Wellington

Honestly, I can’t tell you enough how amazing the meat tasted! We get so used to supermarket meat you forget what good meat tastes like. The kids said it was the best steak and meatballs they have ever had.

Jay, Carterton

Aims & The Future

Our goal is to provide a humane onsite slaughter and to find a use for every single part of the animal, while providing high quality meat directly to a small, local customer base.

While we are still working towards this goal we are proud of what we have achieved so far and would love you to follow our journey on Instagram or sign up to our mailing list

About Us 

 We use regenerative farming practices to grow our soil and use no agrichemicals.

Our animals are grown slowly and for longer, a gentler approach to both the animals and the land and a more mature flavoursome

Our cattle are a byproduct of the dairy industry, this means we are valuing animals with little value right from the start. Some of our calves were rescued off the bobby truck!

We work under the premise that we are not ‘artisan’ but for everyone. We believe that good, slow-grown meat should be accessible to all and not just those with a certain bank balance. We are working to keep our prices as close to supermarket pricing as possible.

We value all meat cuts equally; they all come from the same animal and have been treated with the same love and care.

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A Complete Cow - Making Ends Meat
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