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Rudie Nudie


This is just the gentlest soap and made for sensitive skin, with no perfume additives, Oat Milk and Honey give it a subtle Russian Fudge scent. The honey we’ve used will be the most environmentally sound product you have snared. It comes from hives on our property, tended by our friend and beekeeper Jason whio is passionate about bees, bee resilience and pollination. He does not take the honey from the bees. We are allowed a small amount if there is any leftover after the bees have taken what they need. This year we decided to allot our small allocation to this soap. Lucky you….enjoy xxx

Suitable for Sensitive Skin



Our cold pressed soaps are hand prepared in very small batches using only natural ingredients.  Each soap contains 70% beef tallow from our beautiful slow grown, grass fed cows. With olive oil from our neighbors; Leafy Ridge Olives, along with coconut and castor seed oil.  All colours are derived from natural sources and scented with our unique essential oil blends with no synthetic additives and no palm oil.

Because of the small scale production there can be variances between each batch. Ingredients remain the same but environmental temperature, humidity and how much wine our soapmaker had the night before causes each batch to be bewitchingly unique!

So if you demand uniformity and consistency we are probably not your people. But if you crave, truly handcrafted, natural skincare made with traceable products and crafted with respect and love, you’re home. Welcome to the herd x


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